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Wild Mushrooms

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Be on the look out for WILD MUSHROOMS! They’re popping up everywhere!

Let me begin with a word of caution: unless you’re a mushroom expert, never pick and eat wild mushrooms, no matter how tasty they look!

A round capped wild mushroom

We arrived at the cottage for Labour Day excited to enjoy a relaxing summer weekend. Stepping out of the car, I was surprised to see so many leaves on the ground. I suddenly realized that I wasn’t looking at leaves – they were wild mushrooms!

Wild mushrooms

I went about the property and took a series of photos to give you a sense of the different colours, shapes and sizes of each variety. I’m thinking there may be even more types up in the woods. I’ll head up there this weekend to take more photos.

Red squirrels

One of the nice things about getting away for the weekend is the chance to get out and explore cottage country. A relaxed stroll through the woods is often the best way to see local wildlife.  I’ve provided a few hiking accessories including LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACKS for purchase through Amazon. Here’s another LINK for those of you who enjoy CAMPING, too!

Bark shaped wild mushrooms

Of course this also has me thinking about all the wonderful things we can cook with (store-bought!) mushrooms. How about our MUSHROOM CARBONARA or our amazing MUSHROOM SOUP. I love serving both with these amazing “>CHEDDAR CORNMEAL MUFFINS. Yum!

If you get a chance, head out for a walk this weekend to look for WILD MUSHROOMS in your area. You may be surprised to see them mushrooming up everywhere!

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