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Welcome to your

Weekend at the Cottage

Weekend at the Cottage began as a platform for us to share our favourite food and drink recipes along with tips and ideas about life in cottage country. It wasn’t long before we realized we’d struck a chord with like-minded people. Weekend at the Cottage is as much about finding refuge in a favourite getaway as it is about a state of mind.

Our goal is to inspire you to make life’s moments count. We’re here to make that happen in the most chilled, relaxed way possible. In our minds, every day can, and should, feel like it’s a Weekend at the Cottage!

You’re amongst friends! WELCOME!


There’s something remarkable about spending time at a cottage, cabin or remote weekend getaway.

Of course, that inevitably includes some struggles with one or two (million) pesky bugs, wonky internet connections, and the often rustic accommodations.

Yet, don’t we all agree that it’s worth it? There’s something about a weekend at the cottage that always brings out the best in us.

So, here’s to:

  • celebrating the great outdoors
  • having drinks and snacks on the dock
  • making the best barbecue ever
  • listening to the calls of loons
  • being there for the first snowfall
  • heading out for a morning paddle across the still lake
  • snuggling in for a night of stargazing
  • melting s’mores by the campfire
  • sipping that first cup of coffee
  • skating across the frozen lake
  • plus all the easy, delicious meals we create for you, your friends, and family.

Thanks for joining us. Here’s to your weekend at the cottage!



Creator, Writer, Host

NIK MANOJLOVICH is the guy who instantly knew when he purchased a sweet cottage twelve years ago that he was on to a good thing. Since then, he’s been sharing his take on how to best enjoy the cottage lifestyle with friends, family and everyone in between.



KERRIN MCNAMARA is a writer and editor who enjoys city-bound cottage life by exploring Toronto’s parks and trails. Years of working with recipes as both an editor and videographer has lead to a belief that food actually does taste better when someone else makes it.