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It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to Weekend at the Cottage!

Though we started out as a platform to share recipes, tips and ideas with people who spend time at their favourite weekend getaway, it wasn’t long before we realized that Weekend at the Cottage was more about a state of mind. As our faithful followers told us that our recipes and tips were just as good when enjoyed at home, we saw that we had tapped into a community of like-minded friends that share our passion for the good times that happen whenever – and wherever – we gather with the ones we love. If you’re at home, the cottage or heading off to visit friends and family, Weekend at the Cottage will inspire you to make every day entertaining!

As always, Weekend at the Cottage will continue to be your best source for healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes and useful tips to make your next gathering a very special occasion.

Most importantly – know that you’re here amongst friends! WELCOME!


There’s something remarkable about spending time at a cottage, cabin or remote weekend getaway. Of course there will always be those who struggle with the pesky bugs, the unfamiliar sounds of nocturnal wildlife, the never-reliable phone and internet connections, and the often rustic accommodations.

Yet with just a slight attitude adjustment, don’t we all agree that there’s something about the cottage setting that brings out the best in us?

At Weekend at the Cottage, we all truly believe that so much of what we do is about that state of mind.

It’s about shutting off our cellphones and shutting down our computers and televisions so that we find peace of mind.

It’s about waking up to the calls of white-throated sparrows, kingfishers or loons, reminding us that we’re sharing this experience with all living beings.

It’s the aroma of coffee brewing, bacon frying or homemade muffins. It’s every meal we enjoy when we gather around the table, at home or in the country. It’s being thankful for our daily bread and for the chance to share it with those we love.

It’s watching the early risers paddling out onto the sun-drenched lake, knowing these loved ones will return to us soon.

Ultimately, we believe the cottage setting inspires us to remember the important things in life – especially when shared with family and friends.

Whether at home or away, let’s keep the peacefulness of the cottage setting forever in our hearts and minds. Let it be our inspiration to make every moment count!


Meet the Team


Nik Manojlovich


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Nik Manojlovich is the Gemini Award-winning host and co-creator of television’s hit series Savoir Faire. He’s also a seasoned event planner known for designing superior social and corporate events. More importantly, he’s now the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most. Top on that list is food, and if Nik’s tried something amazing, you know he’s working on a way to bring that taste from his kitchen to yours. It’s all about good food, good friends and good times!


Carol Bagozzi



Carol Bagozzi is the head of Social Media, Brand Management and Strategy at Weekend at the Cottage. She’s a busy working mom who loves to entertain whether she’s at home in the city or up in cottage country. She enjoys making delicious, healthy meals, especially those that don’t involve spending an entire day (or weekend!) in the kitchen. Carol believes that the “Weekend at the Cottage” experience is a state of mind – that wonderful, relaxing feeling you get can happen anywhere. When not working on photos, posts and connecting with our viewers, Carol is busy perfecting recipes with the help of her two fun-loving, adventurous children. If the kids approve, we guarantee you will too!


Lloyd Arbour


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Lloyd Arbour is an award winning fine artist and Graphic Designer from Toronto. Some of Arbour’s most recent artwork can be seen gracing the screen of the hit TV show Suits. Outside of creating logos and websites, one of his passions is traveling and photographing his experiences and surroundings. Inspiration doesn’t come naturally all the time, and traveling to new places always seems to spark new ideas and concepts. When not traveling, he also enjoys cooking meals for friends and family and trying new things. His artwork is represented at the Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto and samples of his work can be found at www.tablloyd.com.


Kerrin McNamara


Kerrin is the copyeditor at Weekend at the Cottage.

After a decade of working in online media, Kerrin said goodbye to the corporate world and struck out on her own as a freelance writer and project manager. Kerrin loves adopting the cottage state of mind by exploring Toronto’s vast network of parks and trails for a nature getaway, either on foot or with her trusty 20-year-old bike which, unsurprisingly, no one tries to steal. She also dedicates her time as a volunteer for the Community One Foundation, an organization helping the LGBTTIQQ2S communities with grants for social programs and artistic endeavours that promote growth, compassion and understanding. A lifelong movie buff, she also spends her spare time writing horror and science-fiction short stories and puttering around the kitchen with leisurely recipes.


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