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Our 10 Favourite Apple Recipes

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We’re collaborating with our friends at Ontario Apple Growers on this sponsored post, rounding up our favourite recipes made with one of our favourite ingredients, Ontario apples!

I’ve always had a thing for apples, and rightly so – they’re so satisfying enjoyed in a favourite recipe or simply on their own. Because of their versatility, I like to use them raw or cooked in a number of different ways to add that distinctive apple flavour.

Speaking of favourite recipes, we’ve got a few to share with you. Nice thing about this roundup is that it includes some of Weekend at the Cottage’s best and finest, but we’ve also included some from Ontario Apple Growers too. In our mind, we’re giving you an entire week of meals. All you need to do is pick up some apples and get making.

Before I continue, a few other things to keep in mind. Did you know Ontario apples are available year round? Keep your eyes peeled for those signs in the grocery store. Need help on what varieties might work best for a recipe? Head HERE and check out the full list on the Ontario Apple Growers website.

Last thing, as you go through these recipes, we’ve listed them in that “entire week of meals” framework, but we purposefully paired the recipes to give you a variety of apple for each day. You’re going to have less food waste, plus get an entire week of fab flavours too.

Without further adieu, how about some apple love? Here’s OUR 10 FAVOURITE APPLE RECIPES.

MONDAYNik’s Pick: Ontario Idared or Empire

Apple-Walnut Pancakes


We love the flavour of these easy-to-make pancakes, but also think the round slice of apple cooked into each is just perfect.

Chicken Waldorf Salad served on a buffet


One of our most popular salad recipes guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds and get rave reviews whenever you serve it to family and friends. One final claim to fame: it’s just as good the following day, that is, if you have any leftovers!

TUESDAYNik’s Pick: Ontario Honeycrisp

A big bowl filled with Crunchy Salad with Apple


This idea has us shredding carrots and parsnips before we toss them with a rich and tangy feta dressing along with apples and nuts.

Apple and Roasted Chicken Turnovers


Get ready to look down at your plate and marvel at the way seven ingredients come together to create a simple meal idea that the whole family will love.

WEDNESDAYNik’s Pick: Ontario McIntosh

Apple Pie Grilled Cheese served for lunch


Something very awesome happens when apple pie meets grilled cheese and this recipe proves it. Please note, we had kids test this recipe too and we ended up making more – they loved it!

Harvest Apple Crisp


A simple process and easy instructions make this award-winning recipe a keeper. We do have have one suggestion, not sure how they missed it – serve with vanilla or caramel or dulce de leche ice cream!

THURSDAYNik’s Pick: Ontario Cortland


Soup is always a welcome addition to your menu plan, especially when there’s a bit of a chill in the air. This soup is loaded with apple flavour but the real magic happens after you (carefully) purée it, then gently stir in the cheddar and milk.

Kale, Carrot & Parmesan Salad served on a small plate


Wait a second Nik, I thought we’re talking about apples? Well, never one to miss an opportunity, we’re partnering the health benefits of kale with a stellar apple, tossing it all with a lemon vinaigrette.

FRIDAYNik’s Pick: Ontario Gala

Chunky Cran-Apple Bran Muffins


I’m placing this on the list as a great go-to muffin recipe for that relaxed weekend vibe! These muffins have a great flavour profile but I especially love that chunky apple bite they’ve got going on. They also freeze well, so you can make them in advance and keep them in the freezer. You can also toss them in the cooler and leave them to defrost on the drive up. Nice!

Curry Chicken Salad served on a bowl


This really amazing dish won our hearts from the first bite. Chicken, apple, celery, raisins and a creamy curried mayo – enjoy it on a favourite bread or scoop it up with raw veggies.

Hope we helped make your weekly meal planning a bit easier with OUR 10 FAVOURITE APPLE RECIPES. Don’t forget to head HERE for a full list of apple varieties grown in Ontario and remember Ontario apples are available throughout the year – yippee!

Every day is apple day!


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Our 10 Favourite Apple Recipes

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