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Mother’s Day Recipes



Mother’s Day Recipes

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Let’s start by giving you a big pat on the back for finding us! We know how important mothers are to the fabric of family life, and like you, we’re prepared to go to the ends of the earth to say, “We LOVE you, Mom!” 

Whether you’re a mom looking to honour your own mother, or a kid, spouse, or anyone else looking to make the day special, preparing one or more of our MOTHER’S DAY RECIPES is sure to strike the right tone. Mom is going to love both you and the food!

25 of our Best Mother's Day Recipes!

From breakfast-in-bed and brunch ideas to appetizers, salads and mains, plus a section on desserts, we’ve got your Mother’s Day Recipes covered.

Now, one very important request to our followers under the age of 16: please ask an older sibling or adult to supervise you in making these recipes. They’ll be able to help with cutting, slicing and stovetop steps.

You can scroll through the entire list or click the group heading to jump to a particular section of interest:

BREAKFAST-IN-BED – Here are a couple of easy recipes you can serve Mom while she’s still in bed. Make lots of noise in the kitchen while you make them, she’ll love that!

BRUNCH – These are a few favourite ideas if you’re planning to create a morning meal to honour mom, but the whole family is invited. Get your siblings, dad or other mom to help. We know they love when you ask for help.

APPETIZERS – When you just want to host a more casual get-together with some friends, aunts, uncles or neighbours coming over, make two or three of these recipes and you’re all set.

SALADS – Know how Mom’s always saying you have to eat your vegetables? Time for payback! Make her one of our delectable salads.

MAIN COURSES – Nothing fancy, but trust us, everything in this section is delicious!

DESSERTS – We know preparing delicious food for those we love isn’t always easy. If you’re a little nervous, just make one thing from this list. One bite and Mom is going to hug you because you’re so sweet!

We know these recipes will be ones mom asks you to make again and again (she’s smart that way, we know), so best to keep them at the ready. Make sure to PIN the recipes on a favourite Pinterest board and SHARE it with friends. We’d also appreciate seeing pics when you make them. Use #weekendatthecottage when you post on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for sharing with the world! 

As you scroll down through this listdon’t forget to click those LINK BUTTONS under each listing to go straight to the recipe or video. Within you’ll find: dessert, cheese, chicken, salmon, asparagus, eggs, pasta, tart, tomatoes, garlic, quiche, chocolate, feta, beans, zucchini, fresh herbs, veggies, artichoke, avocado, cucumber, roast chicken, broccoli, strawberries, spinach and all of mom’s favorite things for a tasty mother’s day dinner.

Here are over 25 of our favourite Mother’s Day Recipes!


Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Light and fluffy, these blueberry pancakes are perennial favourites best enjoyed with our BLUEBERRY-ORANGE SYRUP.

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Easy Overnight Oats

Rolled oats, chia seeds, dark brown sugar, a smidge of cinnamon and some freshly grated nutmeg get prepped overnight with wholesome oat milk.

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Easy Cinnamon Toast

Slices of bread swiped with cinnamon, sugar, orange zest, kosher salt and butter, broiled to a crispy, golden brown.

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Perfect French Toast Recipe

Flavourful egg bread slices soaked in a milk, cream, and egg mixture, then fried golden brown and crispy.

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Easy Baked Eggs

Eggs, heavy cream and butter get a quick bake under the broiler for a soft-textured finish, then are served with assorted toppings and toast soldiers.

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Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Oven-baked buttery croissant filled with thinly sliced ham, cheddar and scrambled eggs. Mom doesn’t like ham? Make it without or swap the ham with smoked salmon.

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Simple Asparagus Tart With Puff Pastry

Puff pastry brushed with Dijon-flavoured egg and topped with sautéed leeks, fresh asparagus and Parmesan.

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Oven-Baked French Toast

Slices of challah soaked in a milk and egg wash topped with raisins, apricots and chopped nuts.

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Ham and Asparagus Frittata

A weekend at the cottage favourite, a light, fluffy frittata made with ham, asparagus, onion and Gruyère.

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Apple Fritter Breakfast Casserole

Apples sautéed in spices and brown sugar, tossed with pieces of buttery croissant, then topped with custard and oven baked.

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Quiche Lorraine Recipe

Bacon, sautéed onions and two cheeses baked with a creamy custard in a flaky crust.

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Easy Eggs Benedict

Mounds of thinly shaved ham sitting on toasted English muffins, topped with poached eggs and a tangy homemade hollandaise sauce.

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Hollandaise Sauce Hack

Egg yolks blended with Dijon, hot sauce, lemon juice and melted butter. Pro tip: You can also, make this sauce and pour it over scrambled eggs. Serve toast on the side. Done!

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Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe

Creamy hard-boiled egg yolks with mayo, sour cream, Dijon and a splash of lemon juice, then served with a selection of garnishes.

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Easy Charcuterie and Cheese Board

Your favourite smoked and cured meats paired up with a variety of cheese, fruit, nuts and crackers.

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Feta Cheese Dip

Feta cheese blended creamy with yogurt and mayo, then flavoured with lemon, dried herbs and seasoning.

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Spinach Artichoke Cheese Dip

Chopped spinach and artichoke blended with garlic and shallot, baked with Parmesan, Swiss, mozzarella and cream cheese.

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Crispy Mushroom Salad

Baby arugula tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, topped with crisp, oven-baked oyster mushrooms in a panko and Parmesan coating.

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Classic Cobb Salad

Romaine and curly leaf lettuces topped with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, egg, crispy bacon and crumbled blue cheese.

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Tex-Mex Taco Salad

An array of fresh veggies nestled in crispy romaine, topped with cheese, sautéed beef rubbed with Tex-Mex seasoning, and topped with a BUTTERMILK RANCH DRESSING.

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Our Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Three different cheeses mixed with bacon and mayo, grilled to golden perfection!

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Easy Sheet Pan Pizza

Thinly rolled dough topped with garlic-flavoured tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

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Oven-Baked Nachos

Tortilla chips loaded with seasoned beef, diced veggies, avocado, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese plus a drizzle of CREAMY TACO SAUCE.

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Best Hot Dog Recipes

We put these on here for you kids. I mean, Mom is going to love these! Four differently styled hot dogs, each with its own tasty toppings. YUM!

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Best Meat Lasagna

Al dente noodles layered with richly flavoured meat sauce, grated mozzarella, Parmesan and a creamy béchamel sauce.

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Easy Roast Chicken

A whole chicken stuffed with lemon, onion, garlic and thyme cooked in the oven on high heat.

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Butter Tart Squares

A buttery pastry base topped with that classic mix of butter, eggs, dark brown sugar, walnuts and raisins.

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Lemon Custard Cake

A soft, delicate lemon cake served with a dusting of icing sugar, a dollop of whipped cream and fresh berries.

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Easy Chocolate Slab Recipe

A flavourful homemade chocolate cake ready in under an hour, made from a simple mix of cocoa powder, milk, eggs, flour and sugar.

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Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

A rich, moist carrot cake made with fragrant spices and walnuts topped with a tangy LEMON CREAM CHEESE ICING.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft, chewy, chocolatey cookies studded with two kinds of chips.

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