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Who knew BIRDWATCHING could be so amazing!

My friends gave me my first BIRD FEEDER as a cottage-warming gift. I hung it from a sturdy bough on a sugar maple that grows close to the front door of the cottage. I purchased birdseed, filled the feeder and soon found myself mesmerized by the activity of the wild birds. They were flocking in droves to enjoy their suspended, all-you-can-eat bird seed buffet. Birdwatching is fun!

Birdwatching allows you to notice the familiar like chickadees, robins and sparrows. But, it didn’t take long before I was sitting up looking at birds I’d simply never noticed before.

A quick trip to our local bookstore provided me with one of my new-found cottage essential reference books. Try to order the The National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America. It’s an amazing resource!

With this essential book in hand, I’ve now spent countless hours learning about birds I pretty much never even knew existed! Ever seen a Junco? What about a Nuthatch? Who knew Cedar Waxwings would fall in love and nest in my Sarvisberry tree?

Whether you’re using an online resource to identify your cottage country feathered friends or a book, as I suggest, birdwatching affords countless hours of enjoyment.

It’s definitely time well-spent on your next Weekend at the Cottage! Enjoy BIRDWATCHING

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