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Dog Days

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Hanging out with our canine friends, Weekend at the Cottage believes all days should be DOG DAYS!!!

I always maintain that the cottage is here to be enjoyed by everyone. That includes all my four-legged friends of the canine variety too. There must be something in the old phrase “the dog days of summer”!

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your next “dog days” weekend. Just remember, every pet and every pet combo is different. Know your pet. Keep an eye on them. Be responsible.

September 2018 Newsletter

Alpha Bits

Whosever cottage you’re visiting, the cottage owner’s dog should always be treated as “Alpha”. In my case, first dog to arrive gets top billing. When new dogs arrive everyone heads up to the top of the property so that the new dog(s) can meet for the first time on neutral territory. This always works. You’ll see – the dogs meet, sniff each other’s butts, and the humans walk down to the cottage without incident.

If you’re still unsure of how your dog behaves, maybe read THIS article before the weekend!

Ups and Downs

I’ve come to understand that dogs think we’re all part of the same pack. If they see us on a sofa, they figure the sofa is fair game. If we get to sleep in a cozy bed, they want to too. Best to always check with your hosts. Is it OK for your dog to be up on furniture or fast asleep in the beds? Make sure you know if your dog has full run of the cottage?

If so, please be mindful. Make sure your pets paws are clean and dry each time he or she (or they!) come in from outside. Furthermore, scoot them off the furniture if guests are looking for a place to sit. If your dog’s a shedder, plan to participate in the end-of-weekend clean up.

Water Works

I’m always super-vigilant when we have a number of pets with us for a weekend. Invariably pets are more active than usual and thus drink a ton of water. Why not place out a larger bowl of water than you normally would and plan to check it often? Best to always keep it topped up. Not a bad idea to also put a large bowl of water outside because not every dog knows to head down to the lake for a quick drink.

The Pick Up

Sure we’re all enjoying a weekend away but that doesn’t mean you’re absolved from the basic responsibility. Remember to pick up after your pet. Walk around the cottage property every once and a while and pick-up pet poop. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be heading over to the campfire barefoot, late at night, only to discover? I know you catch my drift!

Table Talk

Please take my advice, absolutely, under no circumstances, give dogs treats under the table while we human-folk are enjoying a meal. Careful, it’s a slippery slope, people, and you just don’t want to go there. After a meal is done, and while the table is being cleared, take all the dogs aside and give them an after-dinner treat. Thankfully, this is their reward for being so polite and NOT begging at the table.

Tell us how these tips work with your pets, we’d love to hear! Wishing everyone relaxed and enjoyable dog days!

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