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Winter Wonderland

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Cottage country has your very own WINTER WONDERLAND

I was speaking with a dear, dear friend from New York today about this seemingly never-ending winter wonderland. Let’s face it, for the most part, winter in the city “ain’t” pretty especially when we’re forever faced with slush covered streets, an accumulation of dirty snow and the bone-chilling cold.

Our discussion turned to a weekend about a month ago when we journeyed up to cottage country just for the day. Spending even five minutes in cottage country is often enough to make me feel rejuvenated. Spending a day there, in the winter, is heaven on earth. It truly is a winter wonderland!

If you’ve never travelled to cottage country during the winter, let this be your inspiration to do so. Here are some of the things I enjoy most:

Winter wonderland skies so blue


The colour of the sky is often breathtaking. It’s often SO blue and then at dusk, the colours change so subtly from blues to mauve and purple.

The trees clicking in the cold wind


The sound of the leaf-bare trees “clicking” with each gust of wind.

The sometimes blinding pristine, sparkling white snow, everywhere!

The dock frozen in the lake


The way the sun casts a more angular, horizontal shadow on everything.

I’ve shared a series of photos from that day and hope you enjoy the views!

Now, after a day of trekking through the winter wilderness nothing more perfect than something hearty, good eats. This MINESTRONE SOUP served with our BLUE CHEESE SHORTBREADS sure make the ride home so much more enjoyable!

Visiting a cottage or simply heading up north during the winter months truly is like stepping into your very own Winter Wonderland!

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