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Vintage Parrot Vase

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Check out this chirp and cheerful VINTAGE PARROT VASE!

I picked up this vintage parrot vase at an estate auction a few weeks back. For those of you who frequent auctions, you know the drill! The best value comes from lot purchases made up of a whole bunch of small items. Whenever you see group lots, go for it! You’ll always end up with more than you bargained.

Case in point; this lot included three service plates, a McCoy pot, some interesting vases, a trivet, and a few knickknacks. In the end, I got the whole kit and caboodle for $30! Consider looking for knickknacks at auctions, they are a great place to find cottage-worthy collectibles.

Vintage Parrot Vase

This vintage parrot vase was made in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. Although the hallmark is a bit muddled but I was able to find similar pieces online all with the same markings. Feel free to head HERE to see various china and porcelain related hallmarks.

Check out the painted glaze and the unusual function of three small holes. You’ll be able to place fresh blooms in a little vase like this – how perfect! Placing it in one of the cottage guest rooms is a great idea however I bet it can work pretty much anywhere. It’s unusual and interesting and that downturned pose is as if this bird is pitched over smelling the flowers. Nice!

We’ve uploaded various photos for you to look at, all in all it’s a charming piece.

An unexpected find like this vintage parrot vase is chirp and cheerful, just the way I like it!

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