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Three-Season Room Decor

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Our THREE-SEASON ROOM DECOR project is the perfect place to chill!

I’ll begin by expressing a heartfelt thanks to Carol and her family for inviting us into their lovely cottage to produce this special design and decor feature story. It was nice to take a few days arranging furnishing deliveries, then perfectly placing the different accessories and enhancements to create a room Carol, her family and her friends will certainly enjoy. I know I can hardly wait to be invited back (hint!) to see our THREE-SEASON ROOM DECOR!

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Like all good decor stories, there’s always that excitement to see the before and after photos – watch the VIDEO attached to this story to get the full effect of this room makeover. More details are listed down below along with leads on where to purchase some of the beautiful furnishings and decor enhancements we used in this project.

Here are some of the specifics about this THREE-SEASON ROOM DECOR:

Stone-fronted fireplace and cedar shingle accented walls


Carol’s entire cottage has what we often refer to as “great bones”, and I think this room is especially perfect. Two walls feature floor to ceiling screens which allow for fresh air and nice, gentle breezes. The other two boast a natural cedar shingle treatment which adds warmth and texture to the space. The focal point in the room is a gorgeous stone-fronted fireplace. This is such a key application because it offers a warm respite on chilly nights where guests can gather to take cover. The room also features neutral-coloured concrete floors, a large modern wagon wheel chandelier suspended with thick roping, plus a shingled clerestory skylight. The room feels open with lots of natural light yet cozy at the same time. Brilliant!

A vignettew of vintage and modern finds arranged on the signature wall


Carol wanted the room to function as both a dining and seating area. Once the dining table, chairs and large sectional sofa were in place, we began adding decor elements to warm up the space. Using vintage snowshoes, canoe paddles and other cottage-related finds worked perfectly, especially when placed next to modern images of wildlife and accents like lanterns and candles. I also think the use of a long distressed wood credenza as a display rail keeps things close to eye level. This is really effective in a large room such as this.

Fresh flowers added to the space providing a bold pop of colour


Having simple arrangements of freshly clipped flowers from the garden is always an eye-catching addition to interior spaces; they add a bright pop of colour and texture to the space. The addition of houseplants, whether palms, ferns, ficus trees or potted herbs is also a fresh and welcome touch. We’re big fans of bringing the outside in and adding fresh flowers and plants sure does the trick!

A central serving area for refreshments


Let’s hear it for coffee tables! I just love how Wiki explains it: “A coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beveragesremote controlsmagazinesbooks (especially large, illustrated coffee table books), decorative objects, and other small items.” That description is almost perfect, just missing one important function in this room; S’mores station. Yup, Carol picked a table that not only matches the shingle wall treatment and other furnishings, but it’s perfect for platters of snacks, charcuterie and late night feasts of chocolate, Graham cracker and marshmallow. Central serving areas make sense.

A relaxed dining table and chairs


The dining area in this space was an important consideration because it’s perfect any time of day, meaning meals can be enjoyed al fresco without the worry of inclement weather or bugs. Carol and her husband picked a modern concrete-topped table paired with comfy chairs made from coloured composite. The chairs are stackable and lightweight, and they add a subtle hit of colour that we then mirrored with the table setting. The look is simple and clean. One thing Carol and I can attest to is that food looks amazing served here (and tastes pretty darn amazing too!)

A relaxed but still cozy sitting area


Last thing about this room are the small details that invite guests to kick back and chill. The placement of a mid-century modern occasional chair by the fireplace is exactly where you want to enjoy a good book with a cup of cocoa. The iconic wool blankets near the soft sofa seating are just begging for a snuggle. Carol added a run of soft feather pillows on the sofa too – hello “lazy afternoon at the cottage” nap time. The enlarged image of a vintage Canadian 5 cent beaver stamp adds a bit of whimsy to the room – so nice, eh? 

Three-season room decor

For those embarking on their own cottage decor journey, here’s a list of where we got everything. Two months into this room refresh and Carol couldn’t be happier. The furnishings and enhancements, like the room itself, are all doing fine!



U-shaped fireplace log holder / Kelowna teak coffee table / Trimaran stripe in-out pouf / Teak mantle duck / Algonquin Moose photo


Atra concrete dining table / Mist grey Otio lounge chair / Dot Sun dining chairs


Reclaimed Russian oak console table


Navy ticking stripe pillow 24” / Ambu pillow / Whitewashed wooden stump table / Pinstriped linen napkins


Vintage stamp image – Artist: Peter Andrew


Wool blankets


Aspen rimmed dinnerware / Strand flatware


Glassware and water pitcher


Chilliwack placemats


Candle, plant, vase


Coffee table tray

Overall everything about this THREE-SEASON ROOM DECOR not only achieved the goal but exceeded all expectations. This room is truly a ten out of ten!

Our THREE-SEASON ROOM DECOR project is the perfect place to chill!


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Three-Season Room Decor


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