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Holiday Amaryllis

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Looking for a creative last-minute gift idea? Why not follow my lead and make this HOLIDAY AMARYLLIS gift.

Creating this attractively presented Holiday Amaryllis is a wonderful way of giving fresh flowers as seasonal gifts. These showy flowers are especially interesting because of the way the bulbs sprout, grow and then flower. Amaryllis also come in a wide range of colours and sizes and add a welcome hit of vibrant colour to a home in midwinter.

I’ve photographed the process to create the gifts and feel confident you’ll have the same great success when you go to make your own.

To begin, here’s a list of what you need:

just-sprouted amaryllis bulbs, attractive containers, potting soil, sheet moss, branches, cellophane wrap, ribbons and tags. The final item is optional, but a keepsake ornament will add a personal touch and make your gift extra special.

The process is easy and straightforward:

1) Add a bit of potting soil into the bottom of an attractive container making sure the basket, cachepot, bucket or box has a protective liner to prevent any water from leaking out.

2) Take the just-sprouted amaryllis bulb and gently squeeze the sides of its container to release it from the pot. Then, slowly lift the bulb and transfer it and the soil into the new container.

3) Top off the container with potting soil and add one cup of water to help the roots of the bulb establish themselves.

4) Soak sheet moss in water, gently wring out excess and then spread a small quantity of moss around the bulb.

5) Trim down and then add a few dogwood, birch or willow branches. These will come in handy later and act as supports for when the flowers bloom.

6) Wrap the Holiday Amaryllis in cellophane wrap finishing off the top with an attractive ribbon.

7) Add a gift tag and a keepsake ornament as a final personal touch to this gift.

The entire process is easy but also rewarding as you turn something nice into something really memorable. Best of all, these Holiday Amaryllis make perfect gifts for Christmas and New Year.

Make the season merry and bright – give a HOLIDAY AMARYLLIS today!

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