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Snowdrops are a welcome addition to any garden setting.

For those living in northern climates, Snowdrops are especially rewarding as they’re often the first flowers we see peeking up through the snow in our city or cottage woodland gardens. They rise up on thin elegant stems and always amaze. They look so fragile yet, remain strong and sturdy!

I thought I’d share a few photos of these graceful beauties. To view, simply click the arrows located on the above photo and scroll through the various images.

If this post is inspiring you to add snowdrops to your plant collection here are a few tips:

1) Plant the bulbs close together. I’ve found they perform better when they grow close to one another. Click HERE to read about hardiness zones before you plant.

2) Snowdrops like moist soil loaded with humus. Some gardeners say they’re a bit temperamental but I started out with the basic “G Nivalis”, and have never had a problem.

3) Don’t plant them too close to other plants or bulbs – snowdrops like a bit of room to grow.

4) Leave them be – they multiply nicely on their own – no fuss, no muss!

Last thing about snowdrops: deer and rabbits dislike the taste of them so it seems. All the more reason for you to plant snowdrop bulbs with confidence and then wait for them to spring forth in your garden. If you’d like to purchase bulbs, check out this LIST on varieties. Enjoy!

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