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Cottage Design

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Check out this quirky, whimsical COTTAGE DESIGN!

When it came to cottage design two of my friends nailed it! Years ago they owned this quirky cottage about two hours north of Toronto. The property sat just below the conflux of two rivers which then cascaded down a three-stepped rock crest creating a natural waterfall. It was such a remarkable setting. The sound of rushing, fast-moving water was everywhere all the time.

Cottage Design

Thankfully, I was able to photograph the property before they moved. I’m sure glad I did, it was remarkably beautiful!

Here are some pics that showcase what happens when a professional creates his ideal cottage design:

The main living room Cottage Design


That cottage was super cozy! Guests could lounge on the long purpose-made sofa in the sunroom or the cushion-jammed couch in the living room. I loved the old wicker rocking chair. There were cushions, throws, pillows, soft seating and cozy beds throughout. Nice idea, right?


My friends LOVED and collected kitsch and you saw it everywhere. Tramp-art frames, handmade tchotchkes, odd souvenirs, vintage lighting, disco balls and tons more. Filling a place with top-tier kitsch gives guests something to look at and talk about. Kitsch is fun!

Cottage Design

Here’s a really great article in Wiki about KITSCH and how it came to be!



A collection of gnomes, silk leaves wired onto birch branches and nailed onto walls (brings the outside in?). How about vibrant, painted fish swimming upstream as they hang from the ceiling, fabrics that shouldn’t go together – until they did! My design friend left many jealous about his talent, still does!

Interesting chair repurposing Cottage Design


There were also a number of handmade chairs, tables and benches created by local artists. Although rustic in appearance, they were surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. These pieces really gave the place that cottage or cabin feel.

Cottage Design


Let this be your answer if you’ve ever wondered, “Is it OK to use vibrant colours in interior design?” Yes, and this cottage design reflected that. Floors and frames were painted in sage green, chairs done in yellows, aquamarines and reds, walls stained a rich forest green, plus all those colourful stripes, florals and animal prints. From inside to out, colour is IN!

Sometimes, on rare occasions, you visit a place and think “I’ve never seen anything like it!”. This cottage was that and so much more. I hope you enjoyed this visit to one of my top ten cottage destinations!

The view of the falls

The setting, the view, the decor and the company. This is perfection in COTTAGE DESIGN!