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Container Gardening – Part II

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Here’s the update on CONTAINER GARDENING, as promised! (In case you missed it, click HERE to see my original post.)

I’m happy to report that this year’s efforts at CONTAINER GARDENING have been a huge success! I’ve gathered a few photos of these annual plants thriving in their various containers, pots and spots. (In case you missed it, click HERE to see my original post.)

Here is a list of the annuals I planted, and my experience with them so far this year:


I planted two types, Blue-eyed Beauty and Voltage White. I placed individual plants into small terracotta pots, and they quickly showed their appreciation by blooming continuously. They are easy to care for. I’m simply deadheading them as soon as the flowers fade.

Impatiens and geranium


Pink Balcon. These brilliant pink flowers stretch up from a rather compact plant and I’m enjoying the way they fill out the window boxes hanging off the railing on the deck. I’ve been trimming the spent blooms close to the stem, and so far these showy plants are complete winners.


I planted three different colours, Petticoat Fire, Petticoat Aubergine and Divine Pink Pearl. These impatiens are very easy to care for if planted in part shade and watered regularly. The Divine Pink Pearls are especially stunning when planted close to Ipomoea.


Two types, Blackie and Margarita. These sweet potato vines are providing a hit of vibrant colour and I love the way they started trailing out of the containers after a few weeks. Unfortunately the ones in the deck window boxes aren’t doing so well. I’m not sure why but am starting to think they may have been hit with frost way back when I first planted them.


Burgundy. This is my absolute favourite! They’re planted in long, yellow rectangular boxes. The combination of the dark-coloured shamrock-shaped leaves and the vibrant yellow flowers causes everyone to stop and look. No care issues whatsoever.



Two types, Hot White and Techno Heat Dark Blue. My neighbour Barb recommended these a few years back saying they bloom, show and trail all summer long. She was right. Watering them consistently is the key to their success.

Fresh basil


Genovese. This is one is for all the cooks out there. I planted a large bunch of this delicious herb in a massive terracotta container placed close to the front door. Now there’s a ton of fresh basil that I can quickly access for cooking. Also neat when a gentle summer breeze brings in that heady fragrance. So beautiful.

One last suggestion about container gardening is to keep the plant tags that come with each plant close at hand. I often refer to them during the growing season just to make sure I’m following the guidelines that the professionals suggest. Here are a few SUGGESTIONS.

And there you have it – my picks and tricks on container gardening, a wonderful way of bringing the joys of gardening even closer to home!

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