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Holiday Fruitcake ready to be packaged and sent out

Order the best Holiday Fruitcake!

Back by popular demand, we’re pleased to offer our fabulously scrumptious HOLIDAY FRUITCAKES. Better still, these delicious cakes are bigger and better than ever!

Each HOLIDAY FRUITCAKE has been made by hand using the finest ingredients (see below). The cakes are baked to perfection in fancy paper loaf pans, brushed with brandy and packaged up to be mailed off in time for the holidays.

Wait! Remember how we said bigger and better?

We’ve increased the size of our cakes to a full 680 grams! That’s more than a pound and a half of holiday cheer in each loaf. Better chances of snagging a second slice – yum!

$49.95 each + HST *two-loaf min.

Please note, we’re only able to ship our cakes within Ontario this year due to a regulation from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – darn this pandemic!

This is a small-batch limited run, so please order quickly.
Make sure to place your order as soon as possible to ensure delivery for the holidays!


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Fruitcakes are only available to be shipped within Ontario.
$ 49.95 CAD + HST. Each cake is 680+ grams. Free shipping.
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Minimum order of 2 fruitcakes.