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  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever
  • Best Turkey Dressing Ever

Best Turkey Dressing Ever

Food | October 17, 2015 | Nik Manojlovich
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  • 45 Minutes
  • Easy

For Thanksgiving this year I decided to try my hand at my mother-in-law’s delicious dressing recipe. With her at my side, we followed the family recipe to a T and created the BEST TURKEY DRESSING EVER! Read on because we’re posting this amazing recipe just for YOU!

My in-laws hail from Newfoundland, affectionately referred to as The Rock. Newfoundlanders are known for many things but top on my list is their incredible hospitality. Something amazing happens whenever Newfoundlanders gather with friends and family: they eat, drink, and always make merry!

It’s no surprise then that my mother-in-law (Nanny to family, Trilby to everyone else) has perfected a number of crowd-pleasing recipes. I especially love this family recipe for a traditional Newfoundland dressing. It can be prepared for chicken or turkey, but I especially enjoy it when it’s served sprinkled onto fries next to a piece of fried cod topped with gravy! Delicious!

Nanny’s dressing is easy to make and the flavours are both distinctive and delicious.

I’ve posted photos of us making it for Canadian Thanksgiving. Click the arrows on our photo slider to see the recipe as we prepared it.

For this application we filled a dressing bag and then inserted it into our turkey, but you can also fill a shallow casserole dish, cover with tinfoil, and bake it for 30 minutes in a 350˚F oven to get the same results.

The ingredients you’ll need are readily available, with the exception of DRIED SAVOURY, which is essential and can be purchased in Newfoundland (ha! ha!) or, in the spice section at your local grocers. Please don’t be shy when you add it to your mix. One final word of advice – Nanny says “Don’t taste it. Give it a feel!” She says the end product should feel light and crumbly and not stick together. There’s your advice from our ultimate pro!

A round of applause to Nanny and her family recipe for the BEST TURKEY DRESSING EVER and a huge thank you to our beloved Newfoundlanders who remind us to always eat, drink and make merry!



Ingredients & Amounts

  • 1 loaf white bread
  • 1 white onion, finely chopped
  • 5 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • ¼ cup dried savoury
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Slice one loaf of white bread into 2 inch cubes. Place into a food processor with a blade attachment and pulse until finely shredded. Transfer to medium-sized mixing bowl.
  2. Heat medium-sized skillet on medium heat. Melt butter. Add chopped onion and cook gently until onions are translucent.
  3. Pour onions onto shredded bread, sprinkle with dried savoury and stir gently with a wooden spoon until ingredients are well-combined.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Cook in a lightly buttered and covered oven-proof casserole for 30 minutes at 350˚F or spoon into a stuffing bag or directly into the cavity of a chicken or turkey and cook poultry as directed.
Listen on MUSIC

Listening to great music is an important part of every Weekend at the Cottage! While writing up the recipe for this wonderful side dish I listened to An Afternoon At Birdland – Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson. Visit iTunes to add this music to your collection.

Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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