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October 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter | October 01, 2019 | Nik Manojlovich
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Let’s hear it for October, the one month of the year that is truly a perfect 10! Up here in cottage country, we’re setting our sights on a stellar showing of autumn colours. Fingers crossed that the leaves stay up for the entire month – wouldn’t that be perfect?

There are so many reasons why October is a great month to gather with family and friends. Shana Tovah to our Jewish friends, for a sweet and happy new year! To our fellow Canadians, here’s to a cornucopia of blessings for you and yours at Thanksgiving. Finally, to all the wee ones out there – you go ahead and be pretty and scary and cute and frightening all at once! We’re hoping you (and your parents) have a safe and treat-filled Halloween.

We’re working on a bunch of stuff to make October and the next few months extra special and perfect! Where to begin?!


Minestrone Soup

Fall is the perfect time of year to make recipes we think of as comfort food. You’re going to enjoy our MINESTRONE SOUP recipe, which you can make with or without meat, plus a complete, one-pot CORNED BEEF DINNER served with a CREAMED HORSERADISH SAUCE. Those of you with a sweet tooth will appreciate our super-moist BANANA BREAD and our friend Fina Scroppo’s BLUEBERRY SCONES. Wait until you see what happens when two favourite recipes collide: APPLE PIE GRILLED CHEESE is a thing and you’ll be serving it for lunch, a snack or dessert!

Lastly, a special feature for everyone closing up the cottage for the winter (sad, I know); on Tuesday, October 15, I’m going to share a brilliant recipe that two of my dearest friends taught me years ago. Prepare to be amazed by FRIDGE RIBS!


Fall Punch

We receive lots of queries from subscribers looking for beverages to go with our recipes, and theirs. Top on our list are our two most recent cocktails, the FLOR DE SEVILLA SPRITZ and the TANQUERAY MALACCA, both very tasty and great for parties. Those of you entertaining crowds might appreciate this FALL PUNCH or our different WASABITINI. Anyone looking for a warm beverage to enjoy on a cool day, try this homemade VEGAN CHAI SPICED LATTE and finally, if you’re feeling punky, nothing better than our HOT COLD REMEDY!


In case you missed it, we sure have been enjoying some very delicious stuff these past few weeks. Thanks for all the shout outs on our essential EASY ROAST CHICKEN – told you it was perfect! Thanks too for trying our BUTTERMILK BISCUITS, that fabulous TOMATO ONION SALAD and our simple but tasty BUTTERNUT SQUASH SIDE DISH. Each and every one a winner!


Carol and I are both excited and honoured to be returning to Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for CHRISTMAS IN NOVEMBER, Canada’s premier food and drink festival. This year I’ll be teaching a class on how to make a superior gingerbread. I’m partnering with our friends at Redpath Sugar, so you know I have some sweet surprises in the works too. I’m also the host of the event and will be joined this year by Anna and Michael Olson, Susur Lee, Julie van Rosendahl, Elizabeth Baird, Emily Richards and Giselle Courteau from The Duchess Bake Shop plus many, many more.

Carol gets to enjoy all the excitement of CIN, but also promises to share updates on all the fun on our socials. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you can’t join us this year, why not consider planning your visit for 2020? Head HERE for all the details!


Last weekend, there I was chilling out on a cozy couch doing not much of anything when I started thinking about my list of fall chores. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or cottage country, we’ve all got a list of them. Nik the procrastinator thought “I’ll get to them when I can!” while Nik the doer started nagging like a Nike ad, “Do it! Just Do It! Do it NOW!”

Nik the doer won that battle and I’m so glad he did. I got up off that couch and tackled my list like a pro!

Eavestroughs are cleaned, wood is stacked in the shed, chimney cleaners are scheduled and I picked up all the supplies I’ll need to shut down the water system. I’ve done a first rake, changed all the batteries in the smoke detectors and alarm systems. Heck, I even flipped the summer linens for fall flannels and duvets.

Imagine all that simply because I got up off of the couch!

Hey, if you’re reading this thinking about all the chores you’ve got to get done, stop thinking. Get up and start doing! Do it! Just do it! Do it NOW! You’ll feel amazing when your list is done!

That’s it for this month. Please remember to send any story ideas and suggestions to contact@weekendatthecottage.com. Don’t forget to forward this newsletter to all your friends who have yet to discover us. If you’re loving this amazing community, chances are your friends will too.

Big hugs!



Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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