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November 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter | November 01, 2019 | Nik Manojlovich
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My goodness, I wish you had seen me two mornings ago… 5:00 a.m., me running on little sleep and lots of coffee, tearing sheets of bubble wrap to frantically pack props, gifts, and accessories, everything I needed to have ready for my early morning flight to Jasper for Christmas in November.

With a to-do list as long as my arm, I was feeling like a steak forgotten on the grill – well done! That’s when Carol turned to me shaking her head in disbelief, “Sheesh, can you believe it’s already November?!”

Well Carol (and other like-minded folks out there), yes, I DO believe it! It’s become a recurring theme for me these past few years: summer becomes a warm and distant memory, giving way to Canadian Thanksgiving and fall road trips. Then, in the blink of an eye, BOOM, it’s suddenly November!

So, we’re ready to kick our year-end plans into high gear, and hopefully, you’re as excited as we are. If you’re not (yet), read on – oh, so many fabulous things on the way!


November 2019 Newsletter

I’m so proud to be returning to Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge as the host of Christmas in November, Canada’s premier food and beverage festival. I’m also a presenter, and this year I’m baking up a spicy treat in partnership with my sweet friends at Redpath Sugar.

Thankfully, Carol arrives in time for the opening reception, along with a whole bunch of fab foodie friends. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Carol will be posting all of the delicious fun we’ll be having with Anna and Michael Olson, Julie Van Rosendahl, Vikram Vij, Susur Lee, Elizabeth Baird and many more.


November 2019 Newsletter

We’re thinking the big-picture goal is to simply make it through the next eight weeks. That said, we figure you’ll have two things top of mind: first, to find exceptionally delicious recipes your friends and family will enjoy. Wait until you try LEE LUM’S LEMON CHICKEN, our one-skillet CORNED BEEF HASH or our super sides like MASHED CREAMY BROCCOLI, sweet CORN PUDDING or CHEESY SCALLOPED POTATOES.

The second thing to keep in mind: save room. You’ll want to try every single one of our butter cookie recipes, from mini THUMBPRINTS to CHOCOLATE MOCHA SNOWBALLS and COCONUT BUTTER COOKIE MACAROONS. Fair warning girls (and boys), best to plan ahead!


November 2019 Newsletter

Having people over and tired of serving the same old libations? Click HERE and check out our FESTIVE COCKTAILS playlist on our YouTube Channel. We have seasonal favourites, plus I’ll be posting some new cocktail and beverage ideas in the weeks to come. Let’s all raise those festive glasses – cheers!


November 2019 Newsletter

Oh, Canada, thanks for all the love and friendship enjoyed over Thanksgiving. That said, we can’t forget about our friends and family living south of the border. Carol’s working her magic, creating a complete menu idea that’s perfect for your upcoming American Thanksgiving celebration. Look for our next CMI arriving to your inbox on November 15. Missed our last installment? Just click HERE to read all about it!


November 2019 Newsletter

One of the things I’m most excited about this season is our upcoming GINGERBREAD SPICED COOKIES post. I’m also sweetly psyched about my holiday road trips and cross-country media tour, made even sweeter thanks to our friends at Redpath Sugar. You are going to love what we do with their stellar recipe, yay! Make sure to FOLLOW WATC on Facebook as we’ll be posting local showtimes and appearances in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and lots of destinations in the east.


A plate of Fridge Ribs

In case you missed some of our most recent posts or stories, how about a quick recap? If you need a solid crowd-pleasing dinner idea, try this one-pot CORNED BEEF DINNER recipe or our HEARTY MINESTRONE SOUP that you can make with or without meat. If you’re planning to clean out the fridge before the holiday onslaught, make sure to try FRIDGE RIBS. Finally, get your bake on with these BLUEBERRY SCONES or the BEST BANANA BREAD. Make one, make all!


November 2019 Newsletter

How about I close this month’s newsletter with a thought that came to mind during this last Thanksgiving at the cottage. After my sisters and their spouses, all left, I was standing waving them goodbye, and thought “Man, do I ever LOVE those people and the big, heartfelt, don’t-let-go hugs they always give!”

Although many of you know how I often talk about my feelings, you may not know I’m also into hugs. Truth be told, I come from a long line of FREE HUGGERS!

Seeing a dear friend or loved one coming towards me, I can’t help but welcome them with a big hug. Telling these treasured beings how much I love them never gets old – in fact, it always makes me, and hopefully them, feel ten years younger.

So as a go forward, how about we agree to greet each other with big smiles and even bigger hugs over the next few weeks! Sure does seem like it’ll do the whole world a world of good!

Here’s to a month filled with good everything!


2 Responses to “November 2019 Newsletter”

  1. Charlene Keats says:

    I can attest to his love of hugging. I met him in the lobby at Jasper Park Lodge on the opening day of Christmas in November. He came over to my sister and me, introduced himself, and hugged me! Great three days Nik. See you next year.


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