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May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter | May 01, 2019 | Nik Manojlovich
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It has to get warm eventually, right? Of course, it will!

Here’s to the upcoming sunny days that warm our spirits, rainy ones that keep things lush and green, and perfectly clear night skies keeping us stargazing on the dock until the wee hours. Let’s make this summer all about creating a welcoming environment so our friends and family have nothing to do but chill.

Now, don’t worry about the “how” in creating that important relaxed vibe – Carol, myself and the team at Weekend at the Cottage have you covered with great ideas. So, grab a cup of coffee or a favourite cocktail. Cozy up on the sofa, deck chair or hammock. Here’s all the excitement you can look forward to this month.


Persian Lime Pie

WATC is officially back up in cottage country and we already have a bunch of stories ready to share. There’s a refreshing KALE, CARROT AND PARMESAN SALAD that we know you’ll be making again and again because it’s SO good. We’re also looking forward to sharing our ideas for throwing a MAKE-YOUR-OWN PIZZA PARTY. Join us as we take a fresh look at STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, and one of my favourite breakfasts, EGG IN THE BASKET. Finally, wait until you try our tangy, creamy PERSIAN LIME PIE – it is truly a superior taste sensation.


May 2019 Newsletter

Good times were had visiting Rogers TV Ottawa and Breakfast Television Montreal at the end of April. It was great sharing ideas for summer entertaining. Our road trips continue as we head to our friends at CHCH Hamilton Morning Live and CTV Kitchener News at Noon on Monday, May 6. We’ll be chatting about some must-have summer décor enhancements and I’ll also be whipping up a couple of easy recipe ideas. Thirsty? You and your guests are going to love the thirst-quenching summer cocktail recipes we’ve crafted too. Check local listings for show times.


As promised, we’ll be announcing our SUMMER GIVEAWAY on Wednesday, May 15, and it’s one that’s sure to build some serious excitement! Keep an eye out for our mid-month newsletter. It’ll contain all of the details on how to enter. Safe to say, this is one email you won’t want to miss.

If the technology gods allow it, we’ll also do a FACEBOOK LIVE on the 15th from the deck at the cottage. I really want to show you our incredible gift because as you can tell, we’re super excited. I’m literally counting the days!


Tomato Chicken Pasta Bake fresh out of the oven

In case you missed it, here’s a rewind on some of our most popular posts from the past few months: Need a delicious soup recipe? Try this naturally creamy chicken, egg and lemon AVGOLEMONO. We did a favourite vegetable two different ways with our cheesy tuna ZUCCHINI BOATS for those with a taste for the savoury, and our nutty SPICED ZUCCHINI BREAD if sweet is more your thing. Last thing is our delicious and easy-to-make-ahead TOMATO CHICKEN PASTA BAKE, which is ideal for arrival night when you open the cottage.


May 2019 Newsletter

Final thought this month is a reminder for all of us to try to put our best foot forward.

OK, so I may have jumped the gun this year by heading back up north to open the cottage at the beginning of April. Seriously, I couldn’t help it; I got excited to get back to the one place I always long to be!

Imagine my surprise when I arrived in two feet of snow and no sign of the road leading to my place. Thankfully, I had snowshoes in the car, so I snapped ‘em on and, putting my best foot forward, began the slow, arduous task of trudging down to the cottage. Amazingly enough, it only took eight trips for me to bring down everything from groceries, water, luggage and supplies, all loaded onto a toboggan. Needless to say, I wish you’d been there… to help!

In the end, I realized it all came down to me looking past the challenge and envisioning the goal. With the sun shining and chickadees, nuthatches and juncos flitting about, I realized I needed to chill and simply enjoy the day. That mindset had me appreciating how very lucky I am. Wasn’t long before I was lighting the fire, making that all-important first cup of coffee and getting cozy under my favourite blanket on the couch. Coming home is worth any effort.

We know many of you will be embarking on similar “opening weekend” adventures in the next few weeks. Remember to take your time and savour every moment; welcome back, welcome home!


May 2019 Newsletter

That’s it for now. Don’t forget, we’re all about being social, so post a comment, send a message and look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’d also love to hear about any requests you might have for upcoming posts, so e-mail us your story suggestions.

All our love and best regards for your next weekend at the cottage, dear friends!



Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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