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The Real McCoy!

On the hunt for the real McCOY!

I’ve always had an appreciation for unusual pottery pieces and I think it’s all thanks to my amazing Aunt Liz. She was an amazing lady and had pieces of this often colouful pottery, the real McCoy throughout her home.

Years later, when I began going to garage sales and, antique markets, I started noticing similar pieces pretty much everywhere. Better still, each time I flipped a piece over to check out the hallmark, the same name kept appearing. It wasn’t long before I realized – I had a thing for McCoy.

The J.W. McCoy Pottery Company started production of their distinctive pottery pieces in 1899 and continued to do so until 1990. For almost 100 years these pottery pieces became the mainstay for those of us looking for planters, pitchers, vases, mugs, display bowls, flower pots, cookie jars, tea sets and so much more.

Things I love:

Close up of the hand painted edge of a piece of McCoy Pottery

The Design – McCoy pottery runs the full gamut, from animal and flower motifs to Greek and Roman designs.

McCoy planters

The Colors – I love the wide range of colours – from solid pastels in pale green, pink, turquoise and yellow, to their more elegant multicoloured painted designs.

The McCoy hallmark

The Hallmark – Pieces were machine made and the hallmark was often incorporated in the design. I look for the hallmark where the “M” and “c” are entwined, followed by the “C” and “o” overlapping.


A large McCoy pitcher

By Colour
Some people seek out vintage pieces produced in just one solid colour, and then, solely collect that colour. This creates a really stunning look when you see all of the pieces displayed together. A monochromatic collection of McCoy is a great idea.

A classic McCoy cookie jar

By Function
Others like to collect pieces that serve the same function. This allows you to build a collection of vases, or planters or the ultimate, a McCoy cookie jar collection.

McCoy planters

By Chance
You might decide to collect McCoy as I have. If for whatever reason you see a piece and it gets your heart thumping, negotiate a fair price, and snatch it up. You can also check out McCoy on EBAY, you’ll find piece there too!

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McCoy – The pottery most collectors love collecting!

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