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December 2019 Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter | December 01, 2019 | Nik Manojlovich
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Season’s greetings everyone!

It’s great to be back in cottage country following a busy month of travelling. Carol and I had a great time meeting and hanging out with all of you, whether in person or on television. Thanks for joining us as we got a jumpstart on the holidays. It’s funny how that all worked out – one second we were on the road, the next, already home again welcoming December.

Yesterday, after unpacking and putting away all my travel gear, props, china, and linens, I had one of those classic, pre-holiday anxiety moments. There I was, all cozy by the fire getting ready for a nap, when it hit me, “Nik! You never wrote your holiday to-do list!” That got me up in a flash!

My holiday to-do list is like a secret security blanket; I love jotting down all the things I want to do over the next few weeks. Anyone else gets a kick from those “Yay! I did it!” moments?

Well, I wrote my list, and the first thing on it is the WATC December newsletter. Here we go!


December 2019 Newsletter

We’d like to express our sweetest thanks to the team at REDPATH SUGAR for partnering with us on our cross Canada GINGERBREAD SPICED COOKIE tour. Remember, do as we did and make that recipe so that you can create tree ornaments, place cards or little holiday message wafers. You can also check out even more recipes by visiting www.redpathsugar.com.

We also want to broadcast our sincere thanks to our dear friends at CHCH Hamilton, CTV Kitchener and CTV Ottawa.  It’s always so perfect spending time on-air with Annette, Bob, Rosie, Max and Trisha. Thanks too to our new friends at the CTV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, plus hugs to our hometown team at Breakfast Television In Toronto. Hey Dina and Devo! How you like them cookies?!


December 2019 Newsletter

WOW! Just, wow. We had such a fabulous time at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge this year for Christmas in November. It was wonderful to see so many returning guests who have become dear and treasured friends over the years. Special thanks to all of the presenters I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. You’re all amazing!

This is the perfect time to also mention that many of them are accomplished, cookbook authors. Need a holiday gift for a food-loving family member or friend? LAUREN TOYOTA, ANNA OLSON, CORBIN TOMASZESKI, JULIE VAN ROSENDAAL, MICHAEL OLSON, and our dearest GISELLE COURTEAU all have fab books available. Click those links – share their foodie joy with each and all!


December 2019 Newsletter

Seems like many of you are as excited as we are to check “make holiday sweets” off of your to-do list. Here are four of our most popular posts that we know you and your guests will enjoy: our COCONUT BUTTER COOKIE MACAROONS, Lisa’s BUTTERY SHORTBREADS, CHOCOLATE MOCHA SNOWBALLS and our easy THUMBPRINT COOKIES. Also important to share our two most popular no-bake recipes: Dana’s CHOCOLATE RUM BALLS and these VEGAN ORANGE ALMOND BALLS. Lastly, what about this TRIPLE CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT BARK? Everything on this list is sensational.


Quiche Lorraine Recipe fresh out of the oven

Let’s hear it for all the dishes that got passed around the table a few times as requests went up for second and third helpings. In case you missed it, may we suggest you re-visit our CORNED BEEF DINNER, a very fragrant and flavourful RED LENTIL SIDE DISH and our TURKEY POT PIES recipe that you can make either as individual portions or the easier, larger casserole size. Finally, let’s put our PIE DOUGH to good use and make our classic QUICHE LORRAINE or stellar SPICED PUMPKIN PIE. Delicious, can taste this good!


December 2019 Newsletter

I’d like to suggest you save a little room because we have some amazing things coming your way soon. For the holidays, a CROWN ROAST OF PORK plus simple party dishes like BAKED BRIE, a ROASTED COD DIP and creamy, nutty CHEESE BALLS. Wait until you see the outstanding way we serve up casual fare with baked ROAST BEEF HOAGIES. We’re also warming hearts and tummies with a WILD MUSHROOM SOUP, and then, our favourite SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS. Like I said, save room!


December 2019 Newsletter

To end this final newsletter for 2019, I’d like to share my wish for all of my friends and family – and yes, you are included among them!

Nothing will make me happier than if you believe this with all your heart: Know that you are truly loved, appreciated, respected and treasured!

From Carol and I, and the entire team at Weekend at the Cottage, thanks for making this such a fabulous, wonderful year! We LOVE you!

Happy new year, dear friends!



2 Responses to “December 2019 Newsletter”

  1. Gwen Bond says:

    I was at Christmas in November 4 years ago. Fabulous. Our group met Nik. I am wondering if you rent out rooms at the cottage. My friend will be having her 65th birthday in a few years and she has always wanted to spend time at the cottage cooking with Nik.
    Thank you


Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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