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Cocktail Of The Day?

Newsletter | September 17, 2015 | Nik Manojlovich
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Question – is leaving two of my sisters up north to enjoy their very own WEEK AT THE COTTAGE a good idea? Their submission for a COCKTAIL OF THE DAY may hold the answer!

My sisters Maria and Dana are up north as I type this. They’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation at the cottage with their wonderful spouses. Driving back to the city yesterday I was a bit concerned wondering what will they do up there without me?

You see, we’re coming off of a VERY productive weekend! We made a delicious Peach and Ginger Jam. We also made a tasty Corn Relish made with fresh produce that they brought all the way from Ontario’s famed Essex County. We even found time to make – and drink – a bunch of thirst quenching cocktails. A good time was had by all!

And then I had to leave.

Last night I received an e-mail from Dana, complete with a stunning photo of her cocktail of the day! If you want to get a sense of what I’m dealing with, take a look at her beautifully staged photo. Dana’s cocktail is pretty straightforward: serve up 8 ounces of lake water on the rocks (yes, those are rocks!) with a low-growing violet garnish!

Yes folks, my sisters are truly embracing the joy that comes with every Weekend at the Cottage, and I LOVE them for it! They’re also poking fun at me and that’s OK too!

PS – Don’t try this recipe! Hug a sister and tell them how much you love them instead!!!

Listen on MUSIC

Listening to great music is an important part of every Weekend at the Cottage! I listened to Love On the Rocks – Neil Diamond while laughing at my sister’s e-mail! Visit iTunes to add this classic song to your collection.


Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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