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August 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter | August 01, 2019 | Nik Manojlovich
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Greetings friends!

Fingers crossed, the past few weeks are a preview of the good things to come. We’ve had some mighty fine weather up here in cottage country; the perfect mix of sun and cloud making it warm during the day but crisp and cool in the evenings, perfect for those restful sleeps that everyone looks forward to at the cottage.

We’ve got thirty-one days to enjoy in August, so come visit us any time you need some inspiration on summer entertaining. Ready for all the great food and drink recipes and hosting tips we have coming up this month? Like you should always say to incoming weekend guests offering to make a meal, “Yes, please!”


Food, glorious food! We continue to roll out summer recipes, crafted so all of us can spend less time in the kitchen and more time in the company of our family and friends. Don’t forget to look for fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. They’re in season now and we promise you will taste the difference.

We’re super excited for you to try our easy and extra-tasty OPEN FACED SANDWICHES, as well as our tribute to HOT DOGS. Michael Olson drops by the cottage to make his SAUSAGE STUFFED JALAPEÑOS which go perfectly with our refreshing FLOR DE SEVILLA SPRITZ. To top things off, well, I just couldn’t stop myself from making you a SOUR CHERRY PIE and a mile-high COCONUT CAKE. You know me, always trying to sweeten the deal.


Grilled Shishito Peppers

Can’t quite crack your latest summer read? A sudden storm sends you running for cover indoors? Why not take a few moments to check out our 1-MINUTE VIDEOS on YouTube. Watch these step-by-step recipe tutorials and you’ll be inspired to make something quick and delicious in record time. Need a snack? Make our GRILLED SHISHITO PEPPERS WITH WASABI MAYO. Dressing up a salad? Try our CREAMY BUTTERMILK or RASPBERRY DRESSINGS. Finally ready to try baking a pie? Don’t miss our never-fail HOMEMADE PIE DOUGH recipe. Our 1-Minute Videos are easy to follow for anyone who just loves making really good food. PLAYLIST is HERE!


Grilled Watermelon plated

Just in case you’ve spent the last few weeks in the lake, or the chaise, or flaked out on the sofa, you may have missed some really stellar stuff. We gave you the perfect start to your next weekend morning with these BLUEBERRY BUTTERMILK PANCAKES served with a fruity BLUEBERRY SYRUP. Lunch got lively thanks to these TORTILLA BOWL SALADS. Then we all sat around munching on PEANUT BUTTER POPCORN for classic movie night. Lastly, find out why everyone’s talking about this one refreshing idea for an appetizer – GRILLED WATERMELON is fab!


We love all of the comments about our canning recipes popping up on social media. To all of the first-time canners out there, fear not, many of us have been there. I can still remember the first time I canned; my mom acted as my right hand and trusted guide. She later said the look on my face when this first lid popped was worth all the effort. Canning is good for both the tummy and the soul!

If you’re looking for canning recipes, a few suggestions: our BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES, and our really popular GARLIC DILL PICKLES are so worth the effort. If jams are more to your liking, try my dear friend Nancy’s APRICOT JAM, and if you’re still game after those, give our ANTIPASTO a go. I know you’ll love these treasured canning recipes as much as I do.


Barbecued Salmon

If you’re new to Weekend at the Cottage, you may not know about one of the perks we created for our subscribers. Each month Carol creates a COMPLETE MENU IDEA, sent right to your inbox. She gives you her top picks on everything from starters and mains to sides, dessert and even a beverage too. Make sure to share this newsletter with friends and encourage them to subscribe. It’s just our way of trying to make the world a tastier place.

If you have a dinner party or get-together on the books and need some inspiration, you can email Carol directly at carol@weekendatthecottage.com with your requests.


A couple weeks back, I had a bunch of friends up for the weekend and was reminded of some of the things that I love most about cottage living. It was over that weekend that I heard, “Geez, look how peaceful everything is!” and “Would ya listen to those birds!” and “Is it just me or does the food taste better up here?”

After everyone left, I was sitting down on the dock waiting for the sun to set when I was overcome with a profound sense of gratitude. How lucky to spend quality time in the company of dear friends, surrounded by all this beauty. Nothing quite compares…

From Carol, myself and the entire team at Weekend at the Cottage, thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration of good food, good friends and good times!



PS – Look for us on your favourite social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to share the news with your friends, and flip us an email at contact@weekendatthecottage.com.


Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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