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  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers
  • Arranging Spring Flowers

Arranging Spring Flowers

Entertaining | April 22, 2017 | Nik Manojlovich
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It’s time for a simple lesson on ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS, with two great ways to welcome the arrival of spring and invite it into your home.

Bringing fresh flowers indoors is a great way to brighten your interiors. Whether you’re adding fresh cut tulips, a pot of blooming bulbs or creating an arrangement of your favourite seasonal flowers, expect to have your spirits lifted.

I’ll begin with an acknowledgement that flower arranging isn’t for everyone, and you can always seek out a professional floral designer or florist. Give them an idea of what you’re looking for, tell them your budget, explain where the flowers will go and then wait for the arrangement(s) to arrive. It’s like ordering food, except fresh flowers last for days!

If you’re in Toronto and want our top picks of talented floral design studios, send an email to contact@weekendatthecottage.com. We will forward you the names of some amazing designers.

If you’re like me, untrained in flower arranging but wanting to try, here are tips on two simple floral tributes:

1) You’ve probably noticed pots of bulbs available at grocery and corner stores this time of year. These inexpensive plastic pots are usually covered in cellophane sleeves and the growing bulbs are a few inches up out of the soil. This type of potted bulb is perfect for this project since the flowers haven’t yet opened. When purchasing, make note of the size of the pot.

2) Head to a favourite houseware, garden or dollar store and look for a ceramic, clay or glazed pot, the same size as the bulb pot. These need not be expensive – sometimes a simple clay pot with a matching saucer creates the most stunning look.

3) Carefully remove the bulbs from the plastic pot and transfer them to the new vessel, adding any loose soil at the same time. Top with a bit of sheet moss, decorative bark or loose stone. Wrap with decorative plastic if the transfer pot is intended as a gift, or simply place it somewhere in your own home to enjoy.

1) Select your favourite cut flowers, along with any fresh greens you intend to use, and lay them out by type on your work surface. When selecting your blooms, look for those just on the brink of opening.

2) Select a vase that will properly display the blooms as they open and expand in size. Also consider where your arrangement will be displayed. A tall slender vase may be best suited for long stemmed flowers displayed on a side table, or as a focal point on a buffet or credenza. A shorter, squat vase may work best with short stemmed flowers displayed on a dining or coffee table. If unsure, follow your instinct and then redesign or relocate the arrangement as required.

3) Always begin your arrangement by placing your greens into your vessel. The greenery should create a form into which the rest of the flowers are added. I like working with salal, ruscus, ferns and variegated pitt.

4) Add your fresh flowers next, starting with the flower type that has the largest bloom. Fresh-cut or trim each stem before placing it into the vase. Turn the vase as you add each bloom to make sure they are evenly placed throughout. Continue with the next type of flower and so on until all of the fresh flowers are added and the arrangement looks balanced.

5) Top the vase up with water and place your arrangement in an attractive location, but never in direct sunlight. Top up the water daily.

Of course there’s much more to floral design than all of this, but these simple considerations have served me well over the years. If you like the look of simple, fresh flowers, check out the links below for supplies you may wish to purchase so you can do this type of floral arranging at home.

Pull out your favorite vase or potting vessel and bring some fresh blooms and buds to the table. Let ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS bring happiness into your home!

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Listening to great music is an important part of every Weekend at the Cottage! I was getting ready to post this story and clicked on a Facebook link from a friend who had mentioned this talented artist in a link. Sadly, Eva Cassidy passed away years ago, yet this album speaks volumes to a talented artist who left us far too early. Head to iTunes to discover her talent and to download The Best of Eva Cassidy to your collection.

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