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  • Arranging Spring Flowers – Part Two
  • Arranging Spring Flowers – Part Two
  • Arranging Spring Flowers – Part Two
  • Arranging Spring Flowers – Part Two

Arranging Spring Flowers – Part Two

Entertaining | March 27, 2018 | Nik Manojlovich
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The snow is melting, the days are getting longer and the robin has arrived, heralding the arrival of spring. Time for our lesson on ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS – Part Two!

We invite you to try your hand at recreating these simple yet impressive fresh flower arrangements. Place them out in your home and enjoy the look that fresh flowers afford. Follow our step-by-step guide on ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS – PART TWO then, welcome spring for your whole household to enjoy.

If you’re reading this thinking, “No way, Nik. Arranging spring flowers just isn’t in my wheelhouse,” that’s okay too – head online, find a local floral designer and order some arrangements that you’ll love. But if you’re feeling like this is something you want to try, know that these three arrangements are all simple, affordable creations that will have you commending yourself on a job well done. You CAN do this and have the same great success.

Carol and I considered a number of things for this post that we felt were important. We wanted the arrangements to be made with fresh, long-lasting flowers. If you live in the GTA, head to the row of flowers shops located on the west side of Avenue Road at Davenport. I usually buy my blooms from Jasmine, owner of JONG YOUNG FLOWERS. Remember to ask about arrival dates – we suggest working with fresh flowers that haven’t been hanging around in the shop too long.

Our second consideration was about ease of creation, so we’ve purposefully kept the process extremely simple. You’ll need nothing more than a good pair of scissors to trim away any wrapping and binding, a knife to trim down the size of the floral oasis, and floral shears to cut, blooms, branches and greens. See the AMAZON links below for suggestions on these items. I also included cellophane wrap in the link for those of you who like my video suggestion of wrapping these arrangements for gifts.

Our final consideration on selection. In these northern reaches, we’re big fans of blooming bulb varieties such as tulips, daffodils, narcissus, hyacinth and crocus. We also like the thought of branches like apple, pear, quince, forsythia and dogwood. Any and all of these would have worked well in our arrangement of greenery, and the inclusion of pussy willows made it especially wonderful considering they and wheatgrass are often used to celebrate the arrival of spring during NOWRUZ in Greater Iran.

Without further adieu, grab your clippers and tools and let’s get started. ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS – PART TWO will brighten your day, guaranteed!


1) If you struggle to pull together a look using different types of flowers and greens, this arrangement is for you. Since we’re using only tulips, we decided to use three different colours – feel free to use only one colour if you plan to place the arrangement in a room of neutral tones.

When selecting your bunches of tulips remember, more is more. Using three bunches of tulips sure looks nice, but placing six or seven bunches into a vase or container will be pure wow!

2) Select a vase or container that will be big enough to give the blooms a bit of room. Tulips continue to grow even after they’re clipped, so using a “V” shaped container gives them ample room to stretch and bloom.

3) Prepping your tulips involves nothing more than trimming them down so they sit 6 to 8-inches above the rim of the vessel. When trimming your fresh flowers, remove excess and damaged leaves and cut all of the flowers to the same length.

4) Finally, if using multiple colours, mix them up before gathering and placing them into the vase.

CARE – We suggest adding room temperature water every day as cut flowers drink up a lot. We also suggest taking the flowers out of the vase every two days to give the bottoms a fresh cut. Lastly, never place cut flowers in direct sunlight as they’ll wilt in the heat. Follow these tips and your simple tulip arrangement should last up to 6 days.


1) This lovely, fresh display is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Start by selecting a container pot, and place in it a piece of floral oasis cut to size, about an inch below the lip of the container.

2) Slowly add room temperature water until the oasis is completely soaked.

3) Select your favourite green and cut it into 3 or 4-inch lengths, inserting the cut greens about an inch down into the oasis. Continue adding cuttings to create a full dome shape of even height. We used ruscus for this arrangement, but you can also use salal, euonymus, laurel and even eucalyptus.

4) Take short pussy willow branches, trimmed to about 8-inches, and insert them in and amongst the greens.

CARE – Super simple – just feel the oasis every day or so, adding more water when it’s a bit dry to the touch.


1) This arrangement is especially pleasing because we used bulbs just on the verge of opening. Look for inexpensive, small pots of spring bulbs. Purchase pots of identical size – ours were all 4-inch. This will ensure they are all of the same height when we transplant them into a shallow container.
We suggest using a variety of different bulbs, and consider whether you want to include different colours and scents as well – scented options include hyacinth, some species of daffodils and muscari.

2) Remove the bulbs from their plastic pots and arrange them in the containers. We placed the tallest bulbs in towards the centre of the pot and the rest around them.

3) Once you’ve placed your bulbs into your chosen container, fill the gaps between with potting soil.

4) Cover the soil with sheet moss and add a touch of water to ensure the soil is damp but not soaking.

CARE – Place in a warm location and watch them spring forth and bloom. Add a little water to the moss and soil every few days to keep it damp.

We hope you try our suggestions for ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS – PART TWO. Looking for more ideas? Click HERE to see what we did last year.

ARRANGING SPRING FLOWERS – PART TWO  is all about displaying fresh flowers in your home to welcome the arrival of this joyous season!

The following items helped us create this post and video.

Just click on the below links to purchase them through Amazon.com and add them to your collection. Happy shopping!


Nik Manojlovich

Nik is the creator, host and brains behind Weekend at the Cottage. He loves sharing his wisdom and experience about the things that interest him most.



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